Exhibition | EES Europe in June 14th~16th


EES Europe 2023

展位号Booth No :C3.154E

举办日期Date :June 14th~16th, 2023

举办地点 Venue:New Munich Trade Fair Centre


       EES Europe作为“E-Europe”项目的一部分,多年来一直以创新储能为宗旨,重视可再生能源和能源产业的分散化和数字化,以及来自电力、热力和交通部门的跨领域解决方案,以实现智能和可持续的能源供应。

The 2023 EES Europe in Munich, Germany will be held from June 14th to 16th. EES Europe, as part of the "E-Europe" project, has been committed to "innovative energy storage" for many years, emphasizing the decentralization and digitization of renewable energy and energy industries, as well as cross disciplinary solutions from the power, thermal, and transportation sectors to achieve intelligent and sustainable energy supply.

  作为欧洲乃至全球规模最大、影响最深的电池和储能系统展览会,以及欧洲最大的能源行业平台欧洲智慧能源博览会The smarter E Europe的其中一个展会,EES Europe 汇集了世界各地众多制造商、经销商、项目开发商、系统集成商、创新电池技术及可再生能源储能可持续解决方案的专业用户和供应商参加。

As the largest and most influential exhibition on batteries and energy storage systems in Europe and even globally, and one of the largest energy industry platforms in Europe, The Smarter E Europe, EES Europe brings together numerous manufacturers, distributors, project developers, system integrators, innovative battery technologies, and professional users and suppliers of "renewable energy storage" sustainable solutions from around the world.

  从历届展会来看,EES Europe是全球参展效果最好、观众最专业、产业链最齐全的太阳能光伏展会。百耐信作为新能源锂电PACK智能装备制造及整体工厂建设解决方案供应商,也将携家庭储能方型电池模组、工商业储能方型电池模组等多条激光产线方案亮相本次国际性储能盛会。

From previous exhibitions, EES Europe is the most effective, professional, and comprehensive solar photovoltaic exhibition in the world. As a supplier of intelligent equipment and whole plant construction solutions for new energy lithium battery PACK, Benice will also present multiple laser production line solutions such as Prismatic battery automatic laser production line for household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage at this international energy storage event.

参展方案介绍 Introduction to Exhibition Plan



 This production line is mainly used in the prismatic battery PACK process, suitable for producing industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage prismatic battery modules, etc. It consists of each process such as robot transfer, OCV sorting, group scanning, plasma cleaning, automatic gluing, robot automatic stacking, robot transfer of modules, AI polarity inspection and pole addressing, pole laser cleaning, busbar laser welding, AI welding scar detection, insulation and voltage withstand testing, battery pack comprehensive performance testing, etc. This production line adopts modular design and assembly, with flexible optional combinations, convenient installation and commissioning, and easy to upgrade in the later stage.

参展测试设备介绍 Introduction to Exhibition Testing Equipment



This equipment is mainly used for comprehensive performance testing of various lithium battery packs and power battery packs, and can quickly detect multiple functions of the battery pack, including single series voltage difference, single series internal resistance difference, charging activation, charging voltage, charging current, charging △V, charging DCR, charging overcurrent protection, AC internal resistance, DC internal resistance, discharge voltage, discharge current, discharge △V, discharge overcurrent protection, discharge overcurrent recovery, short circuit protection function Short circuit activation charging, etc. The maximum discharging current can reach 600A, and the maximum short-circuit current can reach 8000A.



 This equipment is mainly used for the production or aging testing of various types of batteries, such as lithiumion batteries, lead-acid batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel batteries. The testing items include battery cycle life testing, capacity testing, charging and discharging characteristics testing, and battery pack temperature testing. The discharging energy feedback grid efficiency ≥ 93%, the output current conversion is fast, there is no overshoot, and there is no impact on the battery pack. Unique single module design ensures stable equipment operation.

发表时间: 2023-06-25